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  • Safety from Accidents Through Appliance
  • Trim Your Energy Costs
  • Increases Awareness through a Security Camera System

Home security with an intelligent platform from AMZ INTERNATIONAL

AMZ International is specialized in the supply of Commercial and Industrial Control Automation Products. We are a single source of supply for sensational automation products with the ability to provide workable Solutions. We provide amazing services before, during and after sales including installation, commissioning and start-up.

Why try Smart Home Automation?

  • Quality: We create high-quality products supplemented by prompt services. We never compromise on quality according to the size or nature of the project we execute.
  • Business integrity: Every project is an identity for us. So we take extra effort and care to deploy it to perfection.
  • Passion: We focus on minute details to make our clients realize about the love and passion we have for their success.
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Domestic Automation Service

Controlling Your Home from One Platform

If you have the security issues for your own home and office and don’t know how to fix these security issues via automation? Do you want to secure your home or office by using the modern automatic system? AMZ International can help your issues by using the innovative automatic solution which will resolve all your security issues. We’ll set up our automation system in your home and office. Do you want to make the own home or office automation is a dream for you want to true this dream and install it in own home and office?

With the of AMZ International your building will be managed and controlled in a reliable and efficient way. AMZ International will design and prepare your building infrastructure. Just consider an integrated system that knows when you have entered or left a room or even a building. Heating and cooling systems automatically adjust, the lights come on and many other smart actions. We have an experience of decades in providing home automation services and we are leading installers and we ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction. AMZ Automation's the one of best home and office automation companies which are known for amazing domestic automation services. We integrate perfect smart home and office automation.

AMZ International loves to discuss your ideas, your budget and your time scale for your smart automation system. Using our years of experience and technical knowledge, we make some initial plans and explain how much more fun you will have with our automation services. We help you to have a reliable, smooth and convenient life. Our experts join you on a room-by-room walkthrough of your home and office to note special requests and exact challenges. If you are renovating a house or building a new house our professionals will work from floor plans and architectural drawings.

The importance of home, office and – in a security sense – AI-related Automation is increasing constantly due to the high demand for engineers in the developing “Industry 4.0”. A good example is an Automation industry, that quickly absorbs information technologies on its home and office to the extended safety and autonomy of the infrastructured security. Thus, self-security home and offices are an interesting inspiration for more advanced domestic automation. Real self-security offices and home require a pretty complicated perception system to avoid arbitrary obstacles and to find some predefined elements of the environment, e.g. the security signs. The development of security gives the higher safety opportunity to enhance their curricula in the areas related to home, office autonomy and related industries. As so far, few companies offer domostic focusing on automation and based on the self-security home and office concept. Although open-source hardware projects of autonomous home and office projects are available, the costs of the proposed hardware seem to be too high for regular automation offered to large groups of offices.