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POS software

AMZ international POS software has everything you need to run your business. Starting from planning, deployment, and maintenance, we create highly interactive software that can run businesses’ operations at a fast pace. Build with a capacity to upgrade businesses to include features of the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT, or industry 4.0. Focused on large, medium, and small size businesses, our cloud-based business software empowers them to sell, manage, oversee, and access all their data anytime and anywhere in the world. Multi-station complete inventory management system with a centralized database. Designed for businesses that have multiple running stores or outlets.

Accelerating business with efficient software

No matter you have a single store or you are located at multiple destinations our POS system will manage your business. It’s fast, simple, and easy-to-install software, equipped with all the functions that your business demands. Its intuitive, responsive, and interactive interface lets it stand out. With the AMZ International industry 4.0 POS solution, you can easily manage your business, gain matchless efficiency, and generate profits. Having all the essential modules and customization options. Manage your workforce, inventory, customers, orders, invoicing, and collect all the important reports with our Industrial IoT-capable POS system. Here are some key functions.


With our Desktop-based POS, you will have a very dynamic setup covering all the following features and many more.

• Stock and Inventory Management
• Cash and Credit Sales
• Order Receiving and Supplier Management
• Easy Customer Management
• Multiple login options
• Barcode Generation and Scanning
• Comprehensive Reports
• Daily Auto Report Emails
• Product Discounts Options


Our web-based system is specifically designed for businesses with multiple branches. Enabling them to create a live communication channel among their stores. our POS system key features cover:


  • Live dashboard and users
  • Live Reporting option
  • Easy Setup and Configuration
  • Transfer inventory between stores
  • Multiple branches Support
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Import and Export Inventory
  • Multiple Users Options
  • 24/7 Availability

With all these keys and many more advanced functionalities, our business software is capable enough to readily integrate your business operations. We are providing customized web-based and desktop POS solutions for businesses to manage all the specific demands.  Get automation services for your industrial processes and boost their productivity and generate a high revenue stream.

Perfect for Your Business

Complete Stock Management

Automate your inventory and check your stock on-screen. Save plenty of your time and control all the stock of your company.

Crucial Reports

Our system will automatically extract reports containing critical information to let you pinpoint the sales trends.

Optimize the Checkout Operation

Scan all your products with the barcode scanner and speed up your checkout counter.

Increase Efficiency

We have developed a very interactive software, allowing every user to operate it easily and enhances business efficiency.

Track Your Staff Actions

Identify every individual staff member’s transaction data and other relevant details.

Keep Price Consistency

Maintaining price consistency while you are owning multiple stores in different locations is worth considering.

Why AMZ International POS

We stand among the leaders to develop a fully interactive and robust industry 4.0 capable POS software. Our software is fully customized. Design to address every crucial aspect of your business operations.

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