At AMZ We Call It Simplification Not Automation

Stop following the old school way Start GROWING with future!

Today automation has changed the way businesses and humans execute their daily operations. Founded in 1985, automation services provider in Pakistan, AMZ International is among the very few companies who are specialized in business and domestic automation. Our expert team is experienced in providing designing, installing and maintenance solutions to mega and small factories along with big commercial facilities like malls, housing societies etc. and small domestic units like homes, apartments, and media rooms. At AMZ International we employ latest trend setter hardware and software solutions to transform the efficiency of people, buildings and communities.

Our smart automation solutions will create unique environments that are modified as per our client’s core desires. That’s why our automation experts take an action-oriented approach on every project regardless of the size of automation scope. We ensure complete satisfaction on every project by providing automated technology solutions that enhances lifestyle and efficiency at the same time. We have the ability to provide our clients with an array of automation solutions for industrial, commercial and home or office automation needs so talk to experts today.

Home Automation

Since long AMZ International is a well recognize name when it comes to providing leading residential automations while staying one step ahead. Our expertise not only includes designing, installation or maintaining for multi-room residential facilities but we are also expert in providing tailor made home automation services for better control and safety. Our home automation experts go an extra mile to provide our clients futuristic next generation IoT (Internet of things) automation services with a core purpose of making things simple-to-use


Commercial Automation

Designing and implementing smart building automation systems with centralized operations is our core capability. Whether it’s for small to medium sized buildings or for multi facilities, AMZ International can create systems that are adaptable to change as well. Our Top-of-the-Line Technologies provide you building automation systems bound to ensure safe and comfortable facility environment. Control and manage security, access, lighting, cooling, heating, and shading of your buildings as we believe that buildings should adapt to humans not the other way around.


Industrial Automation

From automating simple manual operations to recipe-driven cloud base automation solutions AMZ International is a famous name in industrial automation since 1970. No matter what is the size of your organization our industrial automation services will not only make your day to day processes easy to access but also manage them in more efficient way. We are team that contains certified electrical, computer, mechanical and electronics engineers and this diversity has made us the right choice for your next industrial automation task. Hire us if you want to create an automated system that reflects your actual production capacity within the available budget.


Benefits of our Trendy Automation Services

Spend more time on increasing productivity and work toward key objectives to grow instead spending your precious time on time-consuming tasks that eventually eat up your time.


Efficiencies at their best & get more value of money


 Your Place today for the future demand


 Budget and grip over cost expectations


Your business via smart automation while eliminating all time taking manual activities


We use best testing tools among the crowd of automation testing tools that are available in the market.