IT Infrastructure

At AMZ International we strongly believe that IT Infrastructure is the essential element of any business that’s why we carefully planned each project while considering minute details. AMZ International is serving in IT Infrastructure for the last 4 decades and helped companies around the globe in managing their information technology hardware and software issues.  Whether you need a Database about-based, Big Data Platform, or IoT app our IT infrastructure holds of services that can help you. We work thoroughly with industry specificity that’s why our certified professionals relieve you from the necessity to cope with numerous IT Infrastructure issues by giving you a detailed plan to improve and manage your IT Infrastructure competence. Talk to our experts who will ensure that all your functions are running efficiently with best-in-class  IT Infrastructure hardware and software installations.


Customized wired and wireless networking solutions

We are experts in complex data IT infrastructure and extensive maintenance. We are known for delivering seamless functionalities that adapt to the changing demands of your business. We have successfully managed more than 300 clients so far with the most complex network IT infrastructure including dedicated hardware and software deployment.


Use our certified wired setup solutions for your networking needs if you want to use physical cables to transfer data between different devices and computer systems in your organization. Our precisely designed wired networking services enable you to receive constant download and upload speed unaffected by the environment with maximum security regarding unauthorized access.


Since long AMZ International is successfully managing wireless connectivity for many verticals of diverse industries. Our network engineers provide you with a collection of trending wireless technologies that are designed to extend the range of wireless signals across your premises. We ensure that our clients get a better and faster wireless network experience even if they have challenging demands for bandwidth.

Video-centric smart IoT solutions

We provide worldwide services related to video collaboration platforms and security cameras that not only enhance your existing video collaboration but also provide you with video-centric smart IoT solutions. Our staff is devoted to technological innovation and has been continuously searching for smart solutions when it comes to video networking services whether for security or control purposes.

Perimeter Protection

Face Recognition Solution

Safety Protection Solution

Radar Perimeter Protection

Customized Access Managment

Video Communication

Pioneer in converging voice networking solutions

Over the years, AMZ International has been a pioneer in converging voice networking solutions and won accolades for different large, medium, and small-scale brands.  We start with deploying an efficiently designed network infrastructure and after that our expert team ensures return on investment by providing voice services tailored to the client’s specific communication needs.

Features of networking servcies


Role Based Access Control


Outdoor Coverage Option


Network Access Control


Mobile Device Managment


Minimum Downtime


Right Security Firewell

The IT is in our DNA

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