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AMZ International is in the import and export industry for nearly 30 years and deals with complex processes of importing and exporting goods worldwide. If you want to cut costs and prevent delays when you’re moving products, we are the one-stop-shop solution for you. Let our certified import and export officers handle all the oceans of complex paperwork while you just sit back and wait for your delivery to come to your doorstep.

Since our inception, AMZ International is providing best-in-class import and export services under the banner of professional Integrity. Our long–term professional experience turns AMZ International among the very few reliable names when it comes to importing or exporting any product worldwide. We deal in all import and export procedures, methods, and activities along with on-time consultancy services. We guide our clients throughout the entire process of import and export to ensure timely deliveries while maintaining budgets.

With decades of prior experience in the import and export industry, our key professionals regularly examine the latest regulations to minimize paperwork and eventually shipping costs. Customized shipping solutions for importing any product from China is our specialty as AMZ International is a Chinese-oriented firm with deep roots in China. We are the official vendor of many international companies, wholesalers, and manufacturers around the globe, and that is why we can ensure accurate communication when planning or assigning orders across borders.

Import Services and Import Shipping

Our Import services involve clearance that further involves several steps such as assessment, licensing, and appraisement. From duty payment to classifying tariff schedule, our experts will lead you till you get the product at your doorstep. We also deal in surety bonds along with permits that are required to be secured by the importer.


Export Services and Freight Forwarding

Our deep knowledge and experience in the industry are helping buyers and sellers across borders who wish to export or import goods. Our certified freight forwarding staff regularly attend the seminars and news desks of regulatory authorities to keep well-informed related to the latest industry developments.

Warehousing and distribution

500+ companies have trust in AMZ International’s strategic warehousing techniques that are backed by the latest tech tools, and certified processes. Despite whatever your industry sector is, with our technology-driven Warehousing Management services you can manage the transportation of your products.


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Certifications and Licensing

Our expert export and import officers will guide you all the way to fulfill the demands of different countries to conform to national and international standards. We ensure that your products have all the required certifications and licenses that are required for safety and regulatory compliance.

Consolidation service

We understand the intricate layers of import and export industry practices and that’s why our tailor-made Consolidation solutions provide you with results-oriented yet scalable cargo transport. We are specialized in serving clients who are facing issues like having cargo less than the container’s fill requirement in a way that saves a lot of money & hassle.


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