ERP System

Manage your business day-to-day procurement, supply chain operations, accounting, project management, risk management, and compliance activities with high efficiency with our exclusive ERP system.
Our ERP Software integrates a multitude of business operations; allowing them to boost their productivity and perform with their full potential. It collects all the organizational data and generates important collective reports – imperative for successive development. Eliminating all the possible data duplications and providing data integrity from a single source.
Irrespective of the size of the industry, it can manage businesses of all sizes from large, medium to small. With its advanced features, our ERP industry 4.0 solution has become indispensable for businesses in order to excel with the growing pace of the modern era. Get your workforce, processes, and technologies automation from us.

Equipped with All key Functions


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Our ERP solution offers a fully-integrated and intuitive platform that allows you to monitor, analyze and perform all data-driven tasks. Connected to a single database, it gathers, stores, and analyzes data across all the departments.  Collecting all the information of different departments ensures smooth working within your organization. Being linked with a single source of data reduces the ambiguities in intra-organizational tasks.


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With our ERP software, you can automate all of the monotonous tasks of your corporation, including, payroll, data entry, accounting, invoicing, and more. Exclusively cuts down the hours of your workforce. Give more space to your employees to focus on more productive tasks. Concurrently, minimizing human-related errors in the data. Say no to more time-lapse and optimize your business operations and enhance its productivity.

Data Analysis

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Have complete data related to business operations, covering production statistics, customer data, purchase & sales numbers, and beyond. Let our all-in-one software enable you to forecast the future demand, your business supply capacity, and all imperative functions. Visualize a comprehensive report of your teams’ productivity and efficiency in an interactive way. Take important measures to manage your business in a more effective way.


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If your customer base is expanding and it is becoming an uphill task to manage it then let our CRM tools centralize customer information within the ERP software. Get quick access to all customer information. In addition to this facility, our CRM empowers the teams to manage marketing automation, leads, and sales activities. Design comprehensive customer care solutions and keep track of all customer-centric functions.


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Equip your company with the robust ERP tools to oversee every aspect of financial management. Get your finance handled with our most reliable accounting tools. They help manage account payable, fixed-asset management, account receivable, tax management, and risk management. Improve your financial accuracy and processing time, lessen your staff working hours with automation of your accounting functions.

Human Resource Management

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Reduce the time consumed by your business’s human resource processes. Supervise all of your human resources from a centralized database. With ERP industry 4.0 software data is stored in a single place, making it easy for different departments to have access to all required data. ERP solution enables to pull information to create complete reports that are updated and accurate.

Supply Chain Management

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Our ERP solution offers a pivotal role in making supply chain processes efficient. It optimizes the inventory management, production processes, and ensures that efforts are channelized in the right direction. From manufacturing to end-product distribution it takes all aspects of the supply chain into account with cross-platform visibility features for cost-effective and flexible operations.

Sales and Marketing

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Maintain your sales history and detailed customer profile. Get your sales and marketing functions automated. Track expenses, implement targets for the marketing force, and formulate inclusive reports for marketing activities. Extract a highly effective plan from consolidated data and forecast sales for the next month/quarter.

Seamless Flow of Operations

Improve Business Efficiency

Our software’s interactive interface enhances the user experience. As a result, it improves the overall performance of businesses.

Reduce Risk

With a centralized data system, it minimized data duplication. Hence, Reducing risk with more data integrity.

Improve Collaboration

Synchronizing all the data and users with one system strategically improves collaboration.

Decrease Operational Cost

It streamlines all the procedures of the business. Dramatically reducing the operational cost of businesses.

Upgrade Business Reporting

Via real-time information, it gives more accurate and better reporting for businesses to devise the next business plans.

Superior Customer Service

Fast response time and access to customer information enable the business to timely address customer demand.

Why AMZ International ERP System

Based on cutting-edge features and industry 4.0 capabilities, our vigorous software carries all the major functions that can enable an organization to enhance the productivity of its operational base. Our dedicated team of experts delivers completely customized systems to organizations so that they can accomplish their extensive range of functions without any hassle.

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